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^^^The human figures still look like plastic mannequins.
I'm sure a properly updated DE would fix that problem.
Right. As I said, they would re-texture those figures to look more realistic. Proper skin and facial bitmaps I think would pretty much fix it.

You have to understand how much has changed since the DE was done. For 480p you could do a lot more cheats in detail/resolution/complexity. It was all about rendering speed to make a deadline (though that part is always true), but think about the computing power available circa 2001 compared to 2013. For example, dual-core Intel CPUs didn't exist until 2005. So to get more than one core required two physical CPUs in separate sockets, etc. etc.

Quite a few more tradeoffs had to be made then would be have to be made now. And of course 1080p is far less forgiving than 480p in the first place.

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