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Re: No split season for Capaldi

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Yeah, that was cringeworthy - the TARDIS can't return to 1930s NYC, so what? There were fucking transatlantic ships and planes even then
"New York would still burn", said Moffat, addressing this very issue.

"Bullshit" said me.
Yup. After "The Day of the Doctor" where we saw that what we thought was a fixed point in time and space was nothing of the story, I don't believe Moffat when he says that "The Angels Take Manhattan" represents a fixed point in time and space.

My theory since then has been that River knew all along where her parents were (or would end up) and had probably visited them many times. (They're her parents, how could she not know?) And the Williamses and River concocted the story that she would one day have to sell the Doctor on, because they knew it was the only way the Doctor would let them live out their lives in peace. (Clingey son-in-law, he was.) And I imagine the conversation River had with her parents after "The Angels Take Manhattan" went something like this:

Amy: Did he buy it?
River: Of course he bought it.
Rory: How do you know?
River: He's my husband, and a wife knows these things.
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