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Potential Habitable Planets

I was looking at Earth and how you have extreme temperature variations, equator is obviously the hottest but it's suitable for Human habitation, the polar regions are the coldest and inhospitable because these areas gain less heat from the sun.

But I was thinking, could it be possible for there to be a planet which is different where the equatorial region is completely inhospitable and the polar regions are perfect for human habitation?

I presume that if you moved Earths orbit closer to the sun you could theoretically reach an orbit where the equatorial region would be too hot to survive there but the polar regions such as Antartica would become the perfect temperature for life and the ice would melt.

So could it be possible that some Earth like world out there we discover which come up with high temperatures and appear inhospitable could infact have polar regions that harbour life or could plesantly support human colonies?

For example: If you moved Earth closer to the Sun so temperature rose by 53 degrees celsius, the average temperature in the arctic and antarctic would be around 15 degrees celsius and at the equator would become 84 degrees celsius. So although the equator would be inhospitable desert the polar regions would be entirely livable.

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