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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

Hello there, My name is Milquetoast and I am not a new fan, just a new fan to the forum. As a kid I was obsessed with Voyager, when it was on during the fourth season. I remember hearing about DS9 being better than Voyager and never had much interest in finding out because of how obsessed with Voyager I was.

Eventually I watched a few episodes and didn't think much of it, I didn't care much for the abrasiveness of the characters. They weren't like the characters on Voyager who always seemed to do the right thing. Slowly over time I watched more and grew an interest in the series. I even remember watching the series finale when it was on.

I remember thinking that I would watch the series in whole one day, and I filed that in the back of my mind. About a month ago I re-signed up for netflix streaming and found all of the trek series were available for streaming. DS9 popped up on my list (as I had been watching the original series when I first had my streaming). I had been watching another show (on netflix) at the time and thought well why not watch two series at once. That didn't last long as I became quickly embroiled in the series. Once again I found myself obsessed with a Trek series and felt like this show as a good book I couldn't seem to put down. I devoured the episodes and took me about a month to get through the series.

I can't say how wrong I was about this series when it was on. I wished I had found about DS9 when it had started and I could have watched it then, however I probably wouldn't have understood it as I was quite young when it started. At times watching the show I remember thinking how this was Trek but yet so different from Trek.

After being such a Voyager fan (which was a pure action show at the expense of it's characters) to see DS9 as a character show where the action takes a back seat is quite interesting to see. What an opposite these two shows are! The relationships on this show were far richer, complex and compelling than on Voyager. You never seemed to know what was behind a motivate. I think Worf and Sisko's conversation (when Worf came into the series and didn't fit in at first), where Worf tells Sisko that he knew everyone's motives and new were he stood with them. Sisko replys that the people on the station were of many shades of grey. Plus this ensemble cast was wonderful! A true ensemble!

The interesting thing for me re-watching the series, I realized I'd seen pretty much the whole series in syndication and as I eventually grew to have an interest in it it didn't strike me as it does now. I think this is a series that you have to see in chronological order to really get the most of of this show and the wonderful rich characters it provided.

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