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Re: Did McCoy also graduate in 3 years?

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Pike tells Kirk:
Riverside shipyard. Shuttle for new recruits leaves tomorrow - 08:00.
What I took from that was they were all new recuits (if Hendorff was on that ship, he too would have graduated in three years) and your simply assigned a uniform before shipping out.
I took that to mean the new recruits from that area (McCoy, Kirk and whoever) needed to be on the shuttle. Uhura, Hendorff and the rest are just cadets visiting the shipyard. They seemed pretty chummy and insular (Cupcake calls Kirk a townie) for a group of people who just met. They're also very "snap to it" when Pike shows up, which to me indicates some training and discipline.,
That's what I figured. They were all cadets on shore leave, or something.

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