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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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What, no By Any Other Name?
Yeah, I found that one quite disturbing. I just didn't feel like quibbling about whether the death was "on screen".

It's also worth mentioning that TOS disintegrations were themselves quite shocking; at least, I found those by phaser to be shocking, in ways which the later, as it were, "more graphic" effects never could equal.

More on-screen non-disintegration red shirt deaths:

Wink of an Eye

That Which Survives
The tortured McCoy in the Empath was pretty brutal.
What little girls are made of: Redshirt fell/pushed off ledge, redshirt snapped neck,and murder/suicide all in one episode.

Whom Gods Destroy: Marta dragged out into a poisonous atmosphere, choking and dying while Kirk is forced to watch, then blown up by Garth.
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