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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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And I would play games like GTA V on a console if I didn't know how much the graphics sucked on the PS3 compared to a current PC.
But GTA5 shows yet another advantage of consoles; the best-selling game this year, and one of the best-selling of all time, isn't out on PC yet. It's pretty common for PC versions of games to come out weeks or months later than the console versions, and they're also typically ports that are unoptimised and buggier than the console versions. So yes, when the PC version of GTA5 comes out it will look much better, but it's late and you're going to need a beefy machine to run it (if it's anything like the GTA4 PC port).

The console versions don't look as nice, but console games typically receive more attention from developers and come out sooner. It's a trade-off that I'm willing to make for many games.
The wait doesn't really bother me, because I usually wait a year before I buy a game, no matter if console or PC. I saved 100-120 bucks on Assassin's Creed 3 that way, and I got the complete and patched game at once.
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