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Re: Forced perspective, painted backdrops and the refit Enterprise

ENTERPRISE was the only series that I'm aware of that actually used rear-projection, and this was later on, in the series. It was used, primarily, outside of windows, to show the stars wizzing by, to cut some corners and try to $ave some money. I'm surprised some of the older techniques weren't used in STAR TREK, all along, like the "trick mirror" or whatever it's called. The camera records a scene reflected in a mirror at an angle, while some of the mirror is clear glass, showing actors at a distance, behind the mirror, so it's like they are in the reflected scene. TOS, especially, you'd think would've done this, as it's practically a FREE effect! I picked it up somewhere that LOTR actually used this trick, in some pick-up shot, or another, when they couldn't get any more money. So, it's nice to know that even in this CGI dominated industry, the old tricks-of-the-trade can still be surprisingly useful and effective ...
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