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Re: Capaldi's previous roles in DW and TW won't be ignored

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I'm wonderind why they're even bothering - it's not like he's the first Doctor to have appeared in the show previous to becoming the Doctor. What's the point of it other than being a smartarse?
I agree, really there’s no point to it. There are only so many faces in the Universe and the Doctor’s bound to end up looking like people who’ve existed elsewhere at some point (take Salamander). If you want to acknowledge it, fine, just make an off the cuff statement that people he encounters seep into his unconscious, and sometimes it can manifest itself when he regenerates. It handily explains Colin Baker as well. It doesn’t need anything beyond that, especially given that the Doctor and (Capaldi not penguin) Frobisher never met.

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So the Doctor killed his wife, children, and himself in Children of Earth..? Can't wait to find out what BS Moffat comes up with to explain this.
Remember it'll likely be some of RTD's bullshit as well!
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