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Queen Mab
Kindle Broken - Likelyhood of Replacement?

I am in the United Kingdom

I have a Kindle Keyboard that has broken. What kind of replacement or offer can I expect from Amazon?

I originally bought one on 9th April 2011 for 152.
The screen broke once and they sent me a replacement for free on 6th Feb 2012.

Now in December 2013 this one's screen has broken again.

Before it was within 10 months. And Amazon were trying to prevent bad press about the Kindle because it was new.
Now they no longer sell the Kindle Keyboard and Kindle is more well known.

What kind of response can I expect from Amazon? I would like to hear from people who have dealt with them regarding this (or similar).

What did they offer you? What was your situation? Did your Kindle stop working? Did you break it?

If they offered you a discount on a new model, how much was it? (either in or % off)

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