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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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On a 355m Enterprise, the dorsal width is 22.5' or 6.858m. The torpedo bay is approx 47' across.
I did a size figure table yesterday, based on the Kimble blueprints and screencaps like this one from TUC. On a 355m Enterprise the navigational deflector casing would have a diameter of 19.8 m and the (max. / bow) width of the torpedo bay would indeed be 14.3 m or 47'.

Nevertheless the dorsal would be wider than 22.5', according to the screencap its width is 59% of the torpedo bay width, thus 8.4 m or 27.7'.

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This is using the TMP CG Enterprise from Drexfiles as a base and scaling up.
And this is a basic and general problem, IMHO. The strange humpback on the torpedo bay notwithstanding () all of these exterior views rely on the original Kimble blueprints which have a few "issues".

This particular one for example has correctly repositioned the dorsal windows but doesn't address the issue of the actual and maximal dorsal width.

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Also, be careful with using your screenshot as you need to account for perspective and camera distortion.
I'd like to think I pay attention and consider lens and perspective distortions. Since objects closer to our point of view appear larger than they are the TWOK screencap may be debatable.

However, that's different with the aforementioned screenshot from TUC where the max. dorsal width (visible) is behind the navigational deflector and the forward edge of the torpedo bay.

According to the enlarged section of the engineering hull built for TWOK and based on a 47' width of the forward torpedo bay edge the max. dorsal width would be 31.8' or 9.7 m!

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