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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Friday's Child

The Apple

The Apple


These are just the easy ones to me at the moment. I'm sure there are others.
What, no By Any Other Name?
Yeah, I found that one quite disturbing. I just didn't feel like quibbling about whether the death was "on screen".

It's also worth mentioning that TOS disintegrations were themselves quite shocking; at least, I found those by phaser to be shocking, in ways which the later, as it were, "more graphic" effects never could equal.

More on-screen non-disintegration red shirt deaths:

Wink of an Eye

That Which Survives
When I was way younger, when I first watched TOS, the one scene that creeped me out for ages was the bodies in Thoilan Web: a Starfleet crew killing each other, then their bodies dissolving. Don't know why, but to my 6 year old mind that was the stuff of (not literally) nightmares.

Then we get the transporter death in TMP. How fucked up must your body be that it was better that you died? I knew a man that went to the same comic shop as I did back in the day, who refused to watch that scene just cause of Sonak's scream before the beam fails.

And we can't leave out the first two pilots: Pike's tortured with images of burning to death, Kelso gets choked.
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