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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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Great and interesting visualizations!

But I really do suggest you double-check the first frames of the scene in TWOK where Kirk "slides" down the engine room ladder. There is something noticably odd with the wall structure on the upper level, hinting a starboard stern door on the upper level, IMHO.

Update: The first frames of the scene with Spock descending the ladder clearly reveal the starboard door leading astern on the upper level.
I see the oddity there as it vaguely resembles a closed door. However, the vertical middle seam follows the wall seem below it and it appears too wide of a seem to be part of a door. You can compare that door seam and lack of framework to another actual closed door from TMP and see the difference.

Unfortunately, it's not a clear-cut door, IMO.

OTOH, the stern portside doorway in TMP does show a female crewman walking out of the doorway. That's a confirmed doorway. It could be argued that there might be a matching doorway on the starboard side since the intermix shaft is obscuring it but at this point it remains an unknown whether there was a stern starboard side door in TMP or TWOK.

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If I'm not mistaken, Kirk's entering through that door in TMP (to arrive at the upper level) would be more "natural" and we wouldn't have to worry about the TWOK bulkhead door at all.
I'd prefer to think that there might be a matching stern starboard side door in TMP. TWOK, I'm not so sure as it looks more like a wall partition. As far as the bulkhead door in TWOK, clearly there were changes to the engine room like the addition of that stern starboard ladder, the bulkhead door, more machinery and the shorter forward blue corridor so having a new upper level entryway wouldn't be out of the question.

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Regarding the width of the connecting dorsal pylon I had previously relied on the accuracy of the Kimble blueprints.

However, the actual VFX model of the TMP Enterprise reveals that the maximal width of the dorsal is 59% of the maximal width of the torpedo bay section (which is wider than the Kimble blueprints suggest). According to my calculations the max. width of the dorsal on a 355 m O.L. Enterprise would turn out to be 8.4 meters (and not the 6.3 m I calculated previously, based on the inaccuracy in the blueprints).
On a 355m Enterprise, the dorsal width is 22.5' or 6.858m. The torpedo bay is approx 47' across. This is using the TMP CG Enterprise from Drexfiles as a base and scaling up. Also, be careful with using your screenshot as you need to account for perspective and camera distortion.
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