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The Sing-Off is back! Nick Lachey has dramatically improved his MCing skills and I am loving Jewel, as new judge, isn't afraid to have her own opinion and even disagree with Shawn and Ben.

As for the groups, they are quite well matched with no one really standing out. I'll point out that Princeton's Footnote and Calle Sol didn't really convince me that they will last long in the competition. For the Footnotes, they lack good basses and a good vocal percussionist. For Calle Sol, I just felt rythmically they were not creative and were selling sex a bit too much to cover up the fact that their 4 ladies didn't really harmonize that well. So I wasn't surprised when Footnotes got the foot.

For my favorite group VoicePlay, Ben hit their weak spot right away. They have a great bass, great vocal percussionist, great altos but they simply don't have a mid range. They will need to overcome this somehow if they are going to last in the competition. VoicePlay got lucky with the battle song. NSync's Bye Bye Bye is right in their ballpark (link to their boy band medley) and they added a whole pile of creativity on top of what they could already do very well.

If I were to pick the top groups, it would probably be Home Free and Filharmonics.
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