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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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It's funny how different people perceive things. I was startled a few months ago when a reporter I was talking to described STAR TREK as "non-violent" show.

"Jesus Christ," I thought, "has he ever watched TOS? Kirk got into a fistfight in every other episode. Redshirts died violent deaths at a legendary rate. Doomsday machines and giant space amoebas and flocks of neural parasites devoured entire planets. Hell, Jack the Ripper even showed up!"

But I guess different people see different things--even when watching the same shows!
I think it has to do with overall tone and graphicness.

For example, Once Upon A Time is a Family Show for the most part, and at first blush, seems quite tame, but, if you think about it, it really is very dark afterall. You wouldn't think twice about letting a young child watch it, despite how dark it gets. It gets every bit as dark as The Walking Dead, but The Walking Dead you definitely wouldn't want to let a young child watch it (Without knowing their maturity level could handle it).

Also, Once Upon a Time can sink pretty far into Hopelessness, just as NuBSG does, but Once Upon A time is more fun, and not as emotionally draining as NuBSG can be. NuBSG has been described by folks who can't abide the emotional heaviness of it as "making them want to slit their wrists", and as hopeless as Once Upon a Time can be at times, I don't think anyone would ever describe it that way.

Although Trek deals with alot of heavy stuff and violence and death, it doesn't deliver them to the audience as "graphically" as NuBSG or The Walking Dead do. I've seen many people refer to Once Upon A Time as "Light and Fluffy" (IE: The Fallback description for most of SyFy Channel's shows in recent years), but, if you really watch it, OUAT is anything but Light and Fluffy (And for that matter, Warehouse 13 on SyFy Channel really isn't either, even though it's often labeled as such)
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