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Re: Haven Season 4 (Spoilers)

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I'm still watching, but really disliking whatever they've done. I like Duke's gf, that was fine. But the whole William matter how much I like the actor, and it's obvious he's trying to make something of the role, if the role and plot are so badly written, how much can he save it?
I agree, but we don't even know what's really going on. They've stretched this thing out so long...what is the deal? I asked earlier, what are they? Aliens? Pranksters from another dimension? Mischievous Gods? The lack of curiosity on the part of the other characters seems really strange to me.

I am still enjoying the series, don't get me wrong. I'm really hoping this all has a payoff.
I said I was watching, I didnít say I was enjoying.

Duke and his gf are more interesting to me than any of the others. Thatís kinda not good for the show. I mean, Duke IS a primary character, but...he shouldnít be the main reason to watch. Iím not watching for his looks, but because right now, heís the most interesting--and thatís not the main plot line.

How sad that the writers lost their way. Youíd think that show creators would have a general outline of the primary plot, the primary characters, what must happen, what must not happen (what must not happen to a character or what they must not say/do because itíll screw the primary plot).
The writing on Haven has always been mediocre to poor. It's the chemistry of the three leads that keeps the show afloat. How they react to the troubles is interesting, but the troubles themselves are putrid.
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