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Re: Stop coddling me Nintendo!

I also think part of it is the new attitude of gamers that they should automatically be able to beat any game they attempt. Before you didn't feel slighted if a game had a level that was too hard for you to beat. You just felt good that you got all the way to that level and wanted to try to get farther next time. You judged a game based on how fun it was to play, not whether you were smoothly moving forward all the time.

If a level is too hard for a gamer, they should feel challenged to raise their skill high enough to beat it, not given the victory.

And I certainly don't feel strongly discouraged from using these cheats. In Super Mario Galaxy the shadow Rosalina just kind of appears, and in LBW the hint goggles are given to you without even asking for them.

And dungeons in that game are designed around having the thing you're supposed to do to move forward be the first idea that obviously jumps out to you. Like, Link To The Past is not that hard a game, but it had parts of the game that required you to put in mental effort to figure out yourself. Easy games can be fun if they require that minimal mental effort to move forward, but in games like LBW they do all the thinking for you.
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