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Re: No split season for Capaldi

Lonemagpie wrote: View Post
opposite way round for me - the season 6 split totally fucked the season, so although I enjoyed the episodes individually I hated the season.
I agree with this. Moffat didn't know how to pace the two halves. He should have approached it with a "I'm doing two Jekyll series in oine go." Instead, he approached it with an "I'm doing series 5 but with a split in the middle," and he split it with the wrong cliffhanger. (Amy turning to goo was the "Oh, fuck!" cliffhanger. The Doctor buggering off after he realizes who River is was anticlimax.) As a result series 6 is rather less than the sum of its parts.

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The season 7 split worked well, basically making two shorter seasons that both worked, without fucking up the ongoing arc/development in the middle.
Also agreed. Series Pond was a totally different thing from Series Oswald. They worked independently of one another (as series 6 should have) and didn't depend on one another.

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The Ponds staying too long is a totally different matter - they should have been gone as of the end of season 6, and bringing them back really just fucked up the effect of the developments they'd undergone.
I think the actors would agree with you; it's whispered that Arthur Darvill did not want to return for Series Pond and only did for contractual reasons. I've sometimes wondered if Series Pond was an inducement to get Smith to stay. He clearly got on well with Arthur and Karen, and even though he got on well with Jenna his relationship with her wasn't the same.
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