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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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I know this has been said a zillion times in this thread alone, but Marcus wasn't motivated by revenge. He ordered the murder of Khan (and sabotaged the Enterprise) to start a war with the Klingons. He then tried to destroy the Enterprise himself when this plan failed, to cover his tracks. His motivation there wasn't revenge -- it was self-preservation.
Kirk, Spock, and Khan were. Khan was the antagonist, not Marcus.
Khan, the guy being forced to build weapons for Marcus? And they were all about revenge all the time? I thought the theme was how far you would go to protect your loved ones...
Kirk isn't protecting his crew when he goes after that SOB. "I watched you murder innocent men and women! I was ordered to end you! You think he was doing it because he wanted to avoid war with the attacker? No. "In the name of Captain Pike..." I shall beat you until my arm falls off.

You think Spock was trying to apprehend Khan? Nope. He was out there to kill him for killing Kirk. That's why Uhura has to stop him "He's our only chance to save Kirk!"

Revenge is on Khan's mind when he kills Marcus.

The end of the movie, Kirk ties it up nicely by saying "we shouldn't try to seek revenge, to act on our initial anger." EDIT:So anger would appear to be the connective tissue between Marcus and Khan and Kirk and Spock. Marcus is motivated by preservation due to his anger that Nero destroyed Vulcan. Khan is angry for being used, Kirk and Spock for someone dying. Acting on the initial anger (re: revenge)
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