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Re: CBS Developing 2 New Treks?

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CBS has no interest in returning Trek to the small screen, and honestly until either Les Moonves leaves or CBS takes NBC's 4th place crown away and becomes the low-man on the totem pole, I don't see such changing.

And as much as I love trek, I'm also terrified of what a new show might be, and so for the foreseeable future, I'm happy to be without it simply to prevent it from being further diminished.

And that's not a total swipe at the Abrams films -- they serve a valid purpose of bringing new fans in, I've seen it first hand. I just find them lacking in substance and quality and so I'm glad they're only a single film every few years rather than a series or some such. You know?
I'm tired of people blaming Moonves. Repeat after me, "Moonves does not hate science fiction, Moonves hates money losing genres." Show Moonves real evidence/market research that Star Trek will make more money for CBS than Big Bang/CSI and he will green light a series tomorrow. Until then he will do what every good CEO does, maximum shareholder value.
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