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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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Oh I dunno, I've yet to notice anybody complain about them using pre-existing TOS characters in cameos.
But there has been a call for "Give us something new", both before and after the return of Khan. Not to mention all those issues that wee remakes of TOS episodes.

The problem is that any guest TOS character IDW does use from the Prime Universe will probably end up clashing with future movies if they choose to use that character, or it suggests that Orci has no plans to use that character (ie. Gary Mitchell, Robert April, T'Pring).
Lol - yeah - Khan was something of an exception. I understand what you're saying though. There's re-imaging an old story, there's telling a new story using a pre-existing TOS character as the focus, and then there's a new story that happens to feature a pre-existing character as a cameo.

Kor, for example, was not necessary for this story but his inclusion adds a dimension for fans that might not be there if he were random Klingon 3. I suppose the same can be said for Zahra, although she was something of a 'blink and you'll miss her' yeoman with about two lines originally, I'm still pleased that they've kept her around.

You might be right about future movies and in T'Pau's case I'm fairly sure that's why she's been left out. With most TOS characters, I think we can be confident that nobody has dibs on them.

I really hope that they don't place that burden on Chapel and Rand though. The producers seem rather disdainful of Chapel as a character so I'm really rooting for her to guest in a comic or two, even if she goes back out to the rim to leave her there for NuTrek3. Janice's recent absence in the comics is also disappointing but if a bun-headed blonde serves Kirk coffee in a frame or two, that might be enough to keep me going, even if I'd rather see her elevated back up to support status. Alternating Rand and Zahra seemed like a good compromise (until one of them bites the dust) but as a Yeoman, I am happy for Rand to be seen assisting Kirk in admin tasks. She could be a standard part of his diplomatic team, with or without a phaser.

Having said all that, I think I'd prefer to see them work at giving Chekov a bit more to say and do. He still wandering aimlessly without a niche.
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