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Re: A thought on regenerations (spoilers for "Night/Day of the Doctor"

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Actually, I think the Meta Crisis Doctor looks more like a spin-off from the Doctor, thus for the Eleventh Doctor really being actually the Twelfth incarnation of the Doctor.

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I've always wondered why it was just the Doctor and Jamie in that story. Since no female companion was mentioned, there had to have been a time between Victoria and Zoe when it was just the Doctor and Jamie...
Actually, Victoria is mentioned briefly in The Two Doctors, as follows:

"Jamie: We don't usually get to where you say we're going.
The Second Doctor: I got Victoria to where she wanted to go. Why she wants to learn graphology, I have no idea!"

Basically, the Doctor asked to have Jamie accompany him for his missions, and off they went for The Two Doctors.
Season 6B does have its merits (explaining the older Doctor and Jamie, the different console room, Jamie's familiarity with the concept of Time Lords and the Doctor's status as their agent). Shouldn't have been necessary, though.

(Edit: Ah. Just checked the wikia for The Two Doctors and it seems that World Game explains the Victoria thing as
Got it, thanks.)
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