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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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Joe Torre elected to HOF - vote was unanimous.
Along with Bobby Cox and Tony La Russa. I'm a little surprised that Marvin Miller didn't get in with the death boost, but I think I'm OK with that.

Now that the Veterans Committee has done its thing, now it's time to see what the chucklefucks at the BBWAA do. The first one to come out publicly is a surprisingly sensible one from Adam Rubin:

Take off Morris and add Mussina, and I wouldn't be able to argue with any single one of those names.

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In any event, a new agreement is an entirely different matter from the posting decision.
True, but because that money from any MLB team doesn't count towards the salary cap, the Yanks could make it every interesting.
Huh? The new posting fee is going to be a maximum of $20 million. That won't count towards the luxury tax, but any agreement a team reaches with a player is going to count against the payroll (and the luxury tax threshold). There's no way for an MLB team to make the posting process interesting anymore (which is why NPB has been fighting so hard against the new system).

Currently, the writers and HOF'ers are adamant that if your name is linked to PEDs, you're not getting in.

I don't know where I stand on this to be honest. It's easy to say "if you used, you're out". But MLB knew about this "abuse" and so did the managers.

So do you think they shouldn't be allowed in on the same criteria?

Right now, the only ones that are being punished are the players.
The problem is that the BBWAA and the existing HOFers are being sanctimonious assholes about the "good old days" or whatever that never actually existed. As I said a few months ago:

Greenies, uppers, whatever, they were passed around like candy in clubhouses in the '50s and '60s and '70s. There is a demonstrable effect upon a person's mental awareness and response times when on those substances.

But instead everyone (especially Costas) gets all sanctimonious about the live ball era, because those guys in the '60s played the game the "right way," but steroids are Magic Dinger Juice, despite guys like Neifi fucking Perez being popped for usage, and past eras of the game being just as filled with douchebags, liars, cheaters and scum.

I've said this before:

Ser Barrold of House Bonds' only real crime was murdering baseballs, but he's seen as a pariah.

Ray Lewis was involved in a double-homicide, lied to the cops and almost certainly destroyed evidence, but because his management ran a decade of one of the greatest PR campaigns in history, he's an All-American Hero.

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