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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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In any event, a new agreement is an entirely different matter from the posting decision.
True, but because that money from any MLB team doesn't count towards the salary cap, the Yanks could make it every interesting.

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Joe Torre elected to HOF - vote was unanimous.
One of my personal favorites. knew how to handle players and the always difficult NY media. I thought the Yankees treated him like crap at the end. He would make an outstanding MLB commissioner. Class act, not a bad ball player either in his day.


Now, here's an interesting question for you all....

Currently, the writers and HOF'ers are adamant that if your name is linked to PEDs, you're not getting in.

I don't know where I stand on this to be honest. It's easy to say "if you used, you're out". But MLB knew about this "abuse" and so did the managers.

So do you think they shouldn't be allowed in on the same criteria?

Right now, the only ones that are being punished are the players.
The true measure of a man is how he treats someone that can do him absolutely no good.
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