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Re: Who brought the past Doctors to Gallifrey?

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I believe Bad Wolf was indeed a melding of Rose and The TARDIS, and I believe The Moment's Sentience was indeed a Bad Wolf incarnation. So, yea, Bad Wolf, The Moment, The TARDIS, all the same thing, IMHO.
That's kind of creepy! I like it. But The Moment said something like she took the form from the Doctor's past ... or was it his future? She can never really be sure. Rose Tyler. No, that's not right. Bad Wolf. So this implies she was mimicking Bad Wolf. But I much prefer the notion the Bad Wolf, the TARDIS, and The Moment are all aspects of the same presence.
Particularly when you tie that with Idris/TARDIS's statement that she stole The Doctor, rather than the other way around. This particular old TARDIS had a plan for the universe and she needed someone to act it out. The Doctor was that someone.
Some say that daylight savings time was implemented to give him another hour of track time and that he goes through Pon Farr every 7 seconds.

All we know is, he's called The Stig.
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