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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

Another interesting day on the missing episodes front. Doctor Who Archive, the site whose rumor roundups have been linked a couple times earlier in the thread, has an article drawing on e-mails from October released due to a Freedom of Information Act request made to the BFI. The important bit is that the author of the e-mails (some of which have been posted on DWA's Twitter) says that the BFI was "involved in this discovery [Enemy and Web]," but can't say so publicly until later in the year, "when a more extensive revelation of the finds is made." Does that mean an announcement of more Doctor Who, an announcement of non-Who material, or simply a fuller narrative of the Enemy/Web find? Nobody knows, though the article says, without an e-mail to back it up, "Despite some rumour last month, the BFI hold no missing episodes of Doctor Who."

DWA also plans another missing episode article for today, one that will apparently confirm or reveal something about the Cardiff production team's involvement in the recovery. It's also being reported that Moffat confirmed at an event the other day that he knew Web had been found when he was writing "The Snowmen" in summer 2012.
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