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Re: Forced perspective, painted backdrops and the refit Enterprise

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Nicholas Meyer only used the corridor painting once in TWOK, although again in a problematic location:

Can we be really sure this was supposed to be B-Deck (Deck 2) and not Section B (or even an abstract "8")?

I thought that the elevator sign in TMP would designate Deck 5 (officers quarters where Ilia just disappered into her cabin).

Wasn't there a "3" on the wall outside of Spock's cabin in ST III?

If the B was a deck designation, one could wonder how the Klingon boarders in ST III just missed the turbo lift up to the Bridge...and went the opposite way to get there.

Of course, it could be a change from numbers to letters between TMP and TWOK but then I'd have to ask if director Nick Meyer was ever able to make up his mind: In TUC we're back to numbers.

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