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Re: A thought on regenerations (spoilers for "Night/Day of the Doctor"

^^ I don't remember that. Did he not even try? I would think in a situation like that, he would regenerate repeatedly until he ran out.

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Wouldn't radiation/energy damage count as a fifth cause? It's a distinct physical process from chemical/biological poisoning.
I guess it depends on how broad we're defining the categories. I was thinking of trauma on a gross physical level and poison on a cellular level. Radiation would also work on a cellular level, although the process would certainly be different.

I think decapitation would be instantaneous enough to prevent regeneration. After all, regeneration is not resurrection. It's not guaranteed to happen no matter what. It's analogous to emergency surgery, say: it can save your life if there's time to get you stabilized, but if you're killed instantly, you're out of luck. That's why, in "The Impossible Astronaut," the Doctor (apparently) died when he was shot during the regeneration. The second shot killed him decisively and interrupted the process. And we know that in the '96 movie, the anaesthetic almost prevented regeneration from starting. In "The Night of the Doctor," the Doctor actually was killed instantly on impact and needed the Sisterhood's potion to revive him long enough to allow regeneration to occur. (In "The Stolen Earth," the shot from the Dalek was only a glancing blow. A dead-on hit would've killed him instantly, with no hope of regeneration.)
Has there ever been any indication that regeneration would restore lost limbs? What was that bit with Ten and his hand? I forget the details now-- did he regenerate a lost hand, and then the limb regenerated into a Human Doctor?

Severe head injury is another matter. I think his brain would regenerate fully, but he might lose a lot of his memories and knowledge.
It would seem likely that he would lose any experience, unless the Time Lords store their consciousness independently of the body somehow.
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