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Re: NuTrek's Starfleet

So here, I think, is where it kind of gets interesting.

I'm planning to do some pages for some of the "side" designs, a combination of fanon and canon and supplemental materials not directly related to Abrams trek but part of the background all the same. Partly this is necessary because NuTrek makes a lot of explicit nods to the Enterprise timeline, but mostly -- and this is the interesting part -- because so very little is actually known about the pre-TOS Starfleet and its affairs.

I won't drag us all into another "where's the split?" debate, but for a variety of reasons we're forced to accept that ALOT of things are different about this timeline that don't seem to (directly) have anything to do with Nero. I think this one MIRRORS the old timeline in very important ways, so most people, ships, events and places happen MOSTLY the same way but slightly differently and in a different order (like TNG parallels; sometimes you win the tournament and sometimes you get 5th place, but there's always a tournament).

Apologies in advance if this goes too far off the deep end... but remember, it's only a first draft

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