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I like that un-used matte shot. It fits the asthetic of TMP, in that it's kinda different to anything we see anywhere else in Star Trek. I wish they'd been able to use it.
I agree, but on second thought, the tram terminal looks way too high up. The height of the terminal is what? 64 feet?

In the official shot we can see that the whole tram terminal is obviously below the Golden Gate Bridge's motorway level:

First, I agree that the unused shot appears to get the scale wrong on the hillside relative to the size of the Terminal, even compared to the original exterior matte shot (not DE version).

Second, it's very easy to misread perspective and relative height in a shot like the Terminal interior. It looks lower than it is, but there's a pretty simple trick for figuring out how high the viewer is from the water...basically, the horizon line is always at your eye level (up to a point) and if you can compare where the horizon line crosses an object of a known size, you can easily figure out the height of the viewer.

The deck of the Bridge is curved, but at the middle it's about 24 stories above the water. The camera in the interior shot appears to be at least 18 stories above the water.

As per my notes on the image above, because matte paintings had to take into account the effects of lenses, my breakdown is crude at best, but I believe it's in the ballpark.

Exterior view (original)

The red lines were using details on the towers to figure the approximate horizon line (where they cross). The long yellow line follows the "roadway" on the painting as it gradually descends to the Terminal. The two short yellow lines indicate the approximate height of the viewpoint from inside the Terminal (top line) and the level of the water below (bottom line).

Notice that as in the interior shot, the tram station facing is not parallel to the bridge, but angled a different way.
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