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Re: TNG Caption This! 336: The Best of Both Blu-rays

WORF: How long is this loading screen? I'm eager to play this new game.
RIKER: The loading screen hasn't started yet. It's installing a system update.
WORF: Bah! Every generation of consoles seems to get slower!

SHELBY: When Commander Riker takes his new command, I'll be Captain of this vessel.
PICARD: You mean Commander.
SHELBY: Oops, sorry. I'm getting ahead of myself. On an unrelated subject, have you heard how awesome it is to be an Admiral? All my Admiral friends RAVE about it.

PICARD (OS): Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? ...Data. Data? I thought at least YOU'D stay awake.

PICARD: I haven't had acne this bad since I was a teenager.

SHELBY: (Thinking) Thank God Worf was in the turbolift too. They'll always blame the Klingon.
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