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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

49, grew up watching TOS reruns and TAS on Saturday mornings. Enjoyed TNG in first run, but, a lot of isn't that great to me anymore. I still love DS9 (Second only to Babylon 5 in my top TV Series of all time) and have recently found new appreciation for Enterprise and Voyager on rewatches (Which I didn't think much of during first run).

I like Trek in General and I just move forward with it as it changes. I am enjoying the Abrams movies, and I completely understand they can't possibly be as character driven as a TV Series, so, I am very happy for the Characterization we actually do get for such a short amount of screen time, and I love the fun and action.

I definitely want a weekly TV Series back, but, I'm not particular about when it's set, I'll take it in whatever setting they give us, and hopefully I will find it enjoyable (I definitely will not approach it with per-conceived notions of what it "should be", as that pretty much turned me against Enterprise and Voyager in First run)
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