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Re: Did You Like Seven Of Nine?

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Voyager was flat in the end. I don't know that I blame 7 for that.
That is the most grievous mistake Rick Berman made with VOYAGER. He's got another show, with another crew going boldly where no one has gone before and, essentially, does nothing different with it. The two crews who've been forced to get along do so too easily and too soon in the series. The Borg, Q, bringing back Sulu for a show, it just goes on and on, the stifled creativity. And then when they do give us a new alien, we get a metaphor for street-gangs. And ... they've got tree bark for hair. I would say that a fan could come up with better than that for VOYAGER, but ... I've made the mistake of viewing Fan Films. Now, I know better.
Now, now - the tree heads were early in Voyager
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