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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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I still like my idea better of moving Jeter to 2nd Base and getting a short stop.
Well, I see Derek moving to 3rd a more likely senario if he'd ever go for it. 2nd takes as much mobility as SS.

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@Yanks: I like Santana, but no way should the Yankees sign him. Way too injury-prone. Hell, did he even pitch at all after his no-no?
Agree, but I'm thinking he'd be cheap with big upside.

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@Yanks, that team is not good enough to beat the Red Sox, or the Rays. What was learned last year was that it's the team with the most depth that usually wins, and that team has none, especially in the starting rotation.

And why would the Dodgers ever do that deal for Kemp. You keep acting like the Yankees have talent to trade away. They don't, especially the kind that other teams want. They won't just want spare parts, especially if they're willing to eat much of the salary for Kemp, which is what has been indicated. Why would they do that trade for some middling talent from the Yankees, when they could get a lot more from other teams?
You're starting to be laughable. So it's great when the Dodgers take your overpaid trash, that's frekkin brilliant baseball management, but when someone else proposes a deal it's bull?

The Sox can't talk about big "dumb" contracts, had it not been for the Dodgers, you'd be stuck with Becket, Crawford and Gonzales.

As I wrote above, we do have something they may want.

So what is it, you bitch when we "buy" players and bitch when we want to deal?

Seems like some pretty one-sided bitching to me.
First off, your argument is flawed due to the simple fact that these are two completely different situations. The Dodgers-Red Sox deal was done because the Red Sox realized they had back themselves into a corner financially. The Dodgers came calling with essentially unlimited funds because they wanted Adrian Gonzalez, and taking Beckett and Crawford was the penalty for the Red Sox allowing that. You think that deal is made with just Beckett and Crawford? No way. It was made because the Dodgers wanted to acquire talent, and were willing to bite the bullet on those contracts. Hell Gonzalez wasn't really a bad deal, it looks like a steal compared to the deals Pujols and Fielder got.

The reason that the Dodgers would trade Kemp is because they want to build up their farm. They have unlimited funds so they are willing to eat a lot of money to receive quality prospects in return (at least as much as an injured Kemp can draw). So this isn't a situation where the Yankees can throw some mediocre talent out there and take on a bunch of salary. The salary part is covered by the Dodgers, which opens up the field to a lot of teams, teams with much better farms then the Yankees. A lot of times you see trades for big contract players go down with big market teams cause they can eat the salary. This isn't the case in this situation. Hell as Timby said, it looks like if anything the Red Sox could be in the drivers seat for that deal.

Listen the Red Sox were lucky the Dodgers came calling, but at least they were smart enough to recognize that it wasn't working, and that it was time to rebuild. Hell I'm sure if you put a gun to Cherington's head, he'd tell you they didn't expect to win the World Series this year, but they were gonna try. They wanted to build a flexible roster with enough talent to compete as a respectable team, but with enough leeway to free up spots for the young guys. It wasn't a roster with superstar talent, but a ton of depth and interchangeable parts, and that was huge in their win this year. It worked out better then they could have believed, and it's not like they were the 2006 Cardinals who got hot at the right time. They were the best team in the AL for essentially the whole year.

If the Yankees had signed Cano to a massive deal, I'm sure many people would have said wow thats a lot of money, but they had to do it. He was the best player their system had produced in a long time, and one of the few young pieces of talent that they had. The Ellsbury deal, and the Beltran deal (though that one doesn't make me scratch my head too much, he's a fine player) were putting bandaids on an issue that wasn't broken. Maybe they'll be able to build a better roster for next year with the money spread around, but for the years after that they are going to be hosed. Where is the talent coming from? Not from the farm. Are they going to just sign guys to massive deals to replace it?

I actually think Cashman is a decent GM, but do you REALLY think that these signings are coming from him? Do you really think he wants to build his team like this? This is coming from above him from the offices of Levine and Hal.
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