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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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Yes, it is, in case you've missed the Yankees shedding payroll like madmen for the past two offseasons. By getting under $189 this offseason, their luxury tax payment resets to only 17.5% of the difference between the threshold and their payroll (currently they pay 50% of the difference in luxury taxes, a situation which Hal Steinbrenner has been saying is unacceptable since early 2012).
So, what the hell is wrong with that?
In the span of 24 - 48 hours, you've gone from saying you don't believe Project 189 isn't real to saying "what the hell is wrong with it?" Again, you aren't even attempting to argue from a position of anything resembling logic, but rather Yankees uber alles.

I've watched him more than you I'm sure. They can have him. The only post season he was worth his salt was in 09 when A=Rod went ape shit. He just tagged along.

He is not money.
Cano's BA in the 2009 postseason: .188. In 2010's postseason: .340. If you're going to say he had a bad postseason, it helps to be accurate.

He's undisciplined and will never change.

He's lazy, doesn't run out balls to first.

His numbers will only decline.

Baseball isn't all about numbers, as demonstrated by the Red Sox this year. They had a good manager and a good clubhouse after the Dodgers bailed them out.

The Red Sox traded Adrian Gonzalez & Company last year, in case you've forgotten. This year, they had unexpected performances from a couple of players (no one expected Daniel Nava to put up a 128 OPS+ out of nowhere), and statistically speaking, Koji Uehara had one of the greatest seasons by a reliever in major league history. What's that sound? Oh, right, it's the sound of numbers.

Basing decisions upon ideas like "I've watched him play," or "he's lazy because I've seen him on TV," or anything like that -- that's the kind of madness that has had teams like the Orioles and the Mariners be dumpster fires for ages (shit, Jack Z in Seattle still believes BA and RBI are the metrics on which to base a hitter's performance).

And exactly what evidence do you have that Cano's numbers are due to decline? Safeco has a reputation of being where hitters go to die, but park effects studies show it actually has a slight boost for left-handed power hitters.

You really don't have any sort of quantifiable leg to stand on, you just can't admit that the Yankees are making moves based on financial as opposed to on-field reasons. Like I said, it's almost like Stockholm Syndrome: "The Yankees only hurt me because they love me." You'd have an excellent career as a Boston Globe sportswriter if Dan Shaughnessy ever hangs it up.

It's been a rough offseason, one of the Yankees' own making because their owners don't want to pay luxury taxes anymore. It's OK to admit that instead of getting defensive and making excuses for dropping $198 million on Ellsbury and Beltran. Even the Yankees make bad calls.

If you think Ells is not better thab Crawford, you know nothing about baseball.
Crawford: .292 / .332 / .439
Ellsbury: .297 / .350 / .439

They are ridiculously comparable.
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