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Re: Stellar Cartography

Cross-posted from my Livejournal...

I like the "artists' impression" approach taken with the "Known Space" and "Vulcan at Surak's Passing" pieces. It reminds me that cartography is often an art as much as a science.

As to the Romulan Empire map: Would the Romulan artist have been chosen for multi-linguistic skill? Granted that translator software is likely available to all the local powers neighbouring the Federation, but I do wonder if the artist's supervisors would have preferred that it not be necessary. Also, guessing that all inhabited systems between Hobus and Romulus were also toasted by that supernova's combined subspace/realspace effects. As well as those within the bounds of the radius distance connecting the two.

Two Denobulas? Denobula Triaxa I remember from Enterprise.

The Romulan War map is designed to be consistent with 47North's other Trek publication, Federation: the First 150 Years. That publication wasn't consistent with any of the previous published accounts of that war, so far as I know. There are nods in the accounts of Romulan history there and here saluting the work of Diane Duane, though, particular in reference to Ch'Rihan.

Missing the sector grid on the UFP historical map. For some reason, I seem hung up on sector grids!

And the location of the nearer systems of the Delphic Expanse from Enterprise is finally (mostly) settled. If Jed Whitten figures out real-universe stars to map to worlds like Azati Prime and New Xindus,

Wondering if there was some slight tinkering with the Cardassian-UFP border for this project. Something looks different, but I'm not quite sure where or how.

Thanks for the shout-out to the Vanguard novels by David Mack, Dayton Ward, and their assorted partners in documenting "the crimes of the Taurus Reach", whether committed by the Federation, Klingons, Tholians, or Shedai.

Regarding the translations for the Vulcan, Romulan and Klingon maps: who should we assume picked the fonts for the post-translation text? Memory Alpha personnel?

Dwight Williams
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