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I like that un-used matte shot. It fits the asthetic of TMP, in that it's kinda different to anything we see anywhere else in Star Trek. I wish they'd been able to use it.
I agree, but on second thought, the tram terminal looks way too high up. The height of the terminal is what? 64 feet?

In the official shot we can see that the whole tram terminal is obviously below the Golden Gate Bridge's motorway level:

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The shots that they used in the Director's Edition are terrible. It was just an exercise in trying to make it all look like certain similar shots from later movies and tv shows, rather than it being a case of the original film-makers intentions actually being honored. It was revisionism of the worst kind.
The DE would have been an opportunity to bring various elements from the films and series somehow together. Obviously this area from ST IV (and TNG) didn't exist, yet, during TMP.

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