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Re: TNG Caption This! 336: The Best of Both Blu-rays

Worf: And as you just saw, our Borg episodes were definitely better than Voyagers.

Shelby:...And a proper Shakespearean actor like you could do so much better...

Picard: Look, I know you're hoping I leave so they make you a regular, but have you seen how this show treats its female characters?

Data: Life forms... you precious little life forms... Hmmm, catchy tune, must remember to sing it when there are others around the first chance I get.

Stewart: Aw, that's sweet. Take this back to Rick and tell him this offer could do with a lot more zeros in it if he wants me to stay.

Bloke: But it's already got a lot of zeros in it.

Stewart: Good point, maybe a few more numbers in front of them then? Unless he really thinks "Captain Riker" will work.

Shelby: Nice ass.
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