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Star Trek: Sojourner

Looking for a Star Trek Sim that has high-quality storyline and a structured Forum? Are you tired of constantly finding sims with non-canon species that people make so they can have an excuse to make anime-style furre characters? Are you tired of constantly finding sims that always seem to have only the most powerful, largest, most state-of-the-art ships?

Yeah, so was I. That's why I decided to start my own Sim, and it's called Star Trek: Sojourner.

Come join us upon the Intrepid Class U.S.S. Sojourner NCC-82356, a small ship with a simple mission and a big heart. Look at our homepage to read about, and look at pictures and diagrams of our graceful starship, or visit our forums to see where all the action will be taking place.
Sojourner is in need of crew members! Several key and high-ranking positions are still open on this nearly brand-new ship. Come and join our family. Wander with us as we explore the galaxy and seek out new life, for not all who wander are lost.
Capt. Emily Beardsley U.S.S. Sojourner NCC-82356
- Recruiting Crew Members! -
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