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Spoiler rules for this forum

As discussions have clearly shown - the Trek Lit forum needs to handle spoilers differently from the rest of the BBS. Here is my understanding of how the spoiler rules for this forum currently work:
  • Spoiler coding for all books less than six months old, unless you're in a thread for that book marked with SPOILERS in it's title
  • Once past six months of publication, spoiler coding is not required;
  • Unless you are in a thread where the original poster has made it clear that they are asking about books they have not read yet.

As with all things, common sense should prevail - if you aren't sure, just spoiler code it.

If you have any questions about the current policy you can ask them here, but this is NOT the thread for discussion about changes to the policy, Dimesdan has a thread for that, and I want discussions about changes to stay in that thread.
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