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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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That would be very interesting. Have Tyreese and Carol meet up and spend time together while caring for the baby, only later to reveal Carol is the killer he is looking for.

Of course I also feel like carol might be covering for Lizzy. Can't wait for the second half of the season!
I don't think Carol is covering for Lizzy, but that would be neat if she met up with Tyreese and they formed a relationship before Tyreese found out she killed Karen.

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Not nonsense. Lizzy and Mika's father extracted a promise from Carol. She said she would look after them and protect them. Carol "failed" Sophia. She comes across Lizzy, whom she castigated as "weak" who has done this deed and Carol is no fool. She knows how the group will likely react...
It's not like the group would have exiled Lizzy. Carol had no reason to cover for Lizzy, nor would covering for Lizzy stop her from killing the next sick person.
If this plays out like it did in the comics then the group will have a situation on their hands, how do you exile a little kid? Can they kill a little kid?
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