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Re: Game of The Year Awards

I meant to put Other on the poll and forgot and also forgot Arkham Origins (sorry). Yeh the VGX was AWFUL , Geoff was fine but the other guy Joel was it? a poor choice with poor autocue lines who didn't seem like he wanted to be there. Don't even get me started on that concert, SPIKE grow the fuck up will ya.

However No Man's Sky looked AWESOME just wow. How can GTA V win GOTY but Naughty Dog win Studio of the Year

I think most gamers feel the reverse now, that the story/cinematography is more important than the gameplay. Most of this list is dominated by those kinds of games.
I'll admit I really need a good story these days but the gameplay is still just as important. A great story truly immersives you into the game and a bad story just keeps bringing you out of the moment in my game.
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