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You could at least stand by what you said which was that there must be some truth to Cumberbatch thinking Abrams was a dickhead even if he said it in joking.
I've been quite clear that it's the article that suggests it. I also said Abrams is one. But I have not said Cumberbatch said it with any more intent than as a joke. I have said it resonates as humor because the truth in it is that there are enough people who do believe it's true, and Cumberbatch must at least be aware of that to make the joke. If it pleases you, think of it as Cumberbatch mocking those of us who believe Abrams is a dickhead.

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If the rumours are true and Cumberbatch is the baddie in the new Star Wars trilogy, then I think it's safe to say he and Abrams are on very good terms.
I'll quote myself on this point - something I wrote in response to something similar from BillJ, who has not chosen to address it and apparently forgot my first sentence in his latest retort:
Not that Cumberbatch meant any of it, and not that he and Abrams are anything but friendly, but do you really think the motion picture industry is full of people who don't think the people they work with are dickheads and still sign the contracts?
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