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Have Old Spock spell it out clearly. But you know why he didn't?
Because he is trapped in the Abrams timeline with no way of reaching his own. It still exists, Spock Prime just can't ever access it. So even though his Vulcan still exists, to him it's just as dead as the Abrams version.
Well, yes, my point is that the Prime timeline still exists. But we're talking about Spock here. He was the science officer aboard the first Starfleet vessel to time travel under its own power, using a warp intermix formula he devised. Months later, he was flung back in time to 1969 and was able to compute a way to return his crew to their proper time and undo the temporal damage of their intervention. Months after that, he discovered the Guardian of Forever. And so forth, through dozens of other temporal incidents throughout the ensuing decades. Spock is arguably the Federation's greatest expert on applied temporal physics. So it doesn't really make sense to say he'd be trapped and helpless in a temporal-displacement scenario. If he did believe that his timeline were in danger of erasure, it stands to reason that he would be the one person best qualified to find a way to restore it.

So yes, the other timeline still exists. But if anyone could find a way back, he could. He stays not because he's trapped, but because he's aware that his old timeline is safe and secure, and because he has a responsibility to make amends to this new timeline for the harm he allowed to befall it.
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