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Re: Destiny Trilogy - Totally awesome (spoilers)

Totally needed to update this thread, because of it I reread Destiny.... I had forgotten how good the series is. This was the first time I managed a reread though since I read it in 2009. Oh so much of it remains so good - the Columbia story in particular, although Major Foyle felt a little too evil, a little too unexplained; the introduction of the Aventine (and somehow Bowers was more fun this time, less suddenly militaristic in my mind - perhaps because of the continuity of the more playful or emotional sides of him seen in Brinkmanship and A Ceremony of Losses as well as the DS9 relaunch); the 'death factory'; the Hirogen attack; the assault on the scout ship; the repeated 'last moments' of various screen and lit characters; and especially the greater racial complexity of the Federation (seen on all the ships, on Earth, and most of all on Deneva in Tuvok's son and his wife - that is something I really did not like in Losing the Peace [a novel I really enjoyed otherwise] was how human Deneva suddenly was, how segregated the Federation worlds were).

Some of it felt more problematic - the balance between what was focused on in the three TNG-era ships felt more off. I'm not sure I can substantiate that feeling, except that Titan felt like a Titan novel (with more POVs, more the signature Titan things like the counsellors, the more varied characters, and so on), the TNG element only really focused on Picard, Worf & Choudhoury and Kadohata (as well as proper Mack sub-characters like Guidice, with the same occuring for the Aventine), and the Aventine elements Ezri, Kedair and, to a much lesser extent, Dr Tarses. But this is a huge crossover, so of course the elements would be out of balance and the work on each ship was great, as well as with Bacco & Akaar and other cameos like Martok & the admirals.
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