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Re: "Are you coming or going?"

Gov Radner wrote: View Post
If the lot is crowded, or at a peak time, it's unsurprising someone might wait for a spot that's going to become available. Especially so, if it is somewhat close to the entrance someone wants to go to.
This spot wasn't particularly close to the entrance at all. The issue is not so much the waiting, but the choice to wait for someone who isn't even close to leaving yet.

Dimesdan wrote: View Post
I'm really struggling to see your point of view on this. It strikes me that you did what you needed to do and screw anyone else.
Screw anyone else? I walked my bike out of the spot and then put on my gear so the guy could get out of the aisle and take the spot. I could have sat there, taking my sweet time putting on my gear but I didn't. I stopped what I was doing, hung my helmet on my bars, walked the bike back and clear of the spot, and then continued to gear up once I was in a safe spot. Where was I screwing anyone else?
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