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"Are you coming or going?"

One thing that I always dread about the holiday season is the whole parking situation at stores. And the situation is that there isn't much of it. So you'll be walking back to your car, haven't even stowed your bags yet and some vulture is already sitting in the aisle, turn signal blinking, just waiting for you to vacate the spot. It'd be one with if I were in the car, engine running, and just a second or two away from pulling out...but I've had people actually follow me to my car in hopes of getting my spot. It seems rude to me because now the person you're waiting for feels rushed, while the vulture blocks the aisle while they wait.

What prompted this rant was today as I was leaving a store. I was on the bike, so I had to grab my gloves from my bags and put on my helmet and other gear before mounting up. As I'm opening my saddlebag, a car pulls up and the driver asks the old, "You coming or going?" I told him that I was going but that it would be a while. He said that was fine and to take my time. Meanwhile, he just sits there and starts to clog up the flow of traffic also trying to get into the parking lot. I finally said, internally, "Screw this" and walked my bike out of the spot, still without having put on the majority of my gear, just so this guy could take his precious spot and clear the road. He thanked me and said he didn't expect me to do that...and I really wanted to tell him that I didn't do it for him, but I bet my tongue and just said, "No worries."

Is it just me, or is that A. a rude thing to do to the person still occupying the spot and is not even close to being ready to go and B. rude to the other people trying to find a spot? I for one would circle the lot a few times before I would sit and wait while someone loads all of their purchases into their car, gets in, puts on their seat belt/starts the car, etc. It just seems awfully rude and self important to me.
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