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Re: Khan #1 Review

Noddy wrote: View Post
Has anyone read #3 yet? It gets even worse....
Yes, I read it this morning! Loved it. The artwork was great and I was entertained. And Sydney, Australia, got a neat cameo!

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Because he is trapped in the Abrams timeline with no way of reaching his own. It still exists, Spock Prime just can't ever access it. So even though his Vulcan still exists, to him it's just as dead as the Abrams version.
Additionally, his mission in the Prime Universe (ever since "Unification", attempting to help the Romulans to unify with the Vulcans) is over - because Romulus was destroyed, so he has switched his efforts to the new timeline, where it's the Vulcans who've suffered the big loss.

Despite not being onscreen, I'm content that the story contributed to IDW's "Countdown" mini-series by Orci & Kurtzman concludes with Picard and Data/B-4 still in existence after Nero and Spock had vanished.
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