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Re: Starship Valiant

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What are the echo qualities of the set? Do you have sound blankets you can put on stands if necessary?

Looking back at the test, if this is the lighting scheme you're planning to use, you need to very carefully set your aperture, exposure, etc., because the test has very little dynamic range and reads very "flat". Be especially conscious about lighting dark skinned actors because with all the black on the set it's very easy to get too little contrast and the actors faces and hair gets lost. A 3/4 backlight can help pop them off the background.

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Thanks for the advice Maurice but our photographer would be better at answering your queries. We have finished filming on the bridge and will complete the entire shoot by the 20th of this month for a late January release. Check out the face book page for much more information. I was also privy to meet the cast and crew of Yorktown: A Time to Heal this weekend as they are filming as I type. Mr. Atkin is a stand-up guy. I really enjoyed meeting him.
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