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Re: MLP:FiM S4E4 - "Daring Don't" - Grade & Discuss

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I can't find it anywhere.
Thanks a lot!

But I was kind of disappointed.

And I totally agree with you on this:
Whatever the other merits of the story may have been, I couldn't past that the show has been running long enough that there's no way the mane 6 aren't internationally famous. They practically specialize in saving the world, and their leader is now an alicorn princess, one of only four in existence. That issue should really come up when they barge into a celebrities house and then need to go help her defeat a legendary monster, but the character interactions are still being written like they're nobodies. "Hey, Daring, just thought I should mention -- while you're trying to reject my help -- that we're kinda Princess Celestia's go-to team for this sort of thing. And one of us is her former student and a current Princess."

I dunno. It's just really starting to feel unbelievable now.
All in all, I'd have to go with a B. Certainly a huge let-down from last week.
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